Pioneering Designs by Heidi Mottram

Updated May 29th, 2012

The London based designer Heidi Mottram, renowned for her bags and purses, and a favourite on our e-shop, will be introducing an innovative new skin to her limited edition 30/50 collection for AW12.

The Derma bag (above) and purse (featured further down) are crafted out of the exotic Poulard leather, a unique chicken leather that has a grain and texture similar to ostrich and emu leathers, and results in a stunning pattern. The durable skins are soft and flexible.

Poulard leather is popular in the Far East as a luxury product, but it is relatively unknown in the rest of the world. In fact, Heidi Mottram will be the first to use this skin in designing bags in the UK.

The bags (not available just yet, watch this space!) will be limited to just thirty bags and fifty purses worldwide, in black and mottled grey and black. Each item comes with a certificate of authentication stating the number.

If you like these bags, you might also like some of Heidi’s other products, including bags, purses and even an iPad case. Interested? Have a look at!

New for AW12 is the Heidi Mottram Origin collection, AW12 is made from eel skin with a limited edition clutch and purse made from poulard leather. Heidi Mottram shows each season that her eco-friendly use of leathers is both innovative and presents outstanding deisgn detail – making her a leading accessory designer in the UK.

Nicola Stapleton accessories with Heidi Mottram’s AW2012 Shale Clutch Bag.

Spotted recently was Nicola Stapleton, sporting Mottram’s Shale clutch from her AW12 collection at the British Soap Awards. Look online at our E-Shop to find some similar styles and oversized clutch bags by  Heidi Mottram.

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