The Big Egg Hunt

April 17th, 2012

Covent Garden taken over by Fabergé Eggs

The eggs might not be on the streets anymore, but we enjoyed it so much that we still wanted to share some of our thoughts!

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt that took place in the weeks leading up to Easter broke the Guinness World Records attempt for the ‘Most entrants in an egg hunt competition’, and with such worthy causes and fabulous designs, the distinction is well deserved. The eggs were designed by leading creative figures in the UK, and were all auctioned off with the money raised going towards Elephant Family and Action for Children. Here are some of our favourites:

Eggsquisit London by Paul Kenton, an artist specialised in cityscapes sold for a whopping £10,750. We love how the lines seem to convey London’s fast pace.

Anima Mundi by Jill Berelowitz represents her philosophy of eternal life-cycles. We were drawn to it by the stunning copper colours and hope that the lucky new owner displays it somewhere public for all to enjoy!

A Penny for Your Thoughts by Jane Morgan sold for an incredible £30,000. Most passers-by did a double take when they realised the egg really was covered in pennies.

When the rain started we fled into the covered market area and found even more eggs hanging from the ceiling, displayed behind store windows and tucked into corners. Having made the trip into town just to see the display our expectations were high, but they were met. A big kudos to Fabergé for putting on this huge event!


Text: Leanne Hoogwaerts

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