Who Let the Dutch Out?

April 17th, 2012

Holland House 2012

Every year on the 30th of April, the Dutch break out their orange clothing and take to the streets to celebrate ‘Koninginnedag’, the Queen’s birthday (more accurately, the Queen mother’s birthday). There is a surprisingly large crowd of Dutch citizens living in London, for whom the Dutch tourism board hosted a day of Dutch music, drinks and food in the heart of the city on April 14th. Hidden Art may be all about British design, but we have Dutch roots, so we dropped by to have a look at the festivities and wanted to share some of our impressions with you:


Orange speckled across Trafalgar Square


A stall selling Dutch herring


Two enthusiastic ‘Oranje’ fans tucking into Dutch fries with mayonaise


A stall selling proper Dutch cheese


Even clogs made an appearance!

All in all it was an enjoyable afternoon, as soon as our supply of Gouda cheese runs out we’ll be looking forward to next year!

 For a bit more information, have a look at http://www.holland.com/uk/tourism/Theme-1/holland-house-london-2012.htm

Text: Leanne Hoogwaerts
Images: Dieneke Ferguson

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