Mind Dice by John Sprange

John Sprange, a long term Hidden Art Member and Winner of the 2009/10 Hidden Art Product Development Award, has recently produced his Mind Dice product.

Mind Dice

Mind Dice is a product to help people with dementia communicate with their carers. Prompts added to a 12 sided dice, enable the person to tap into their remaining memories provoking stories and responses that can be enjoyed by family, carers and friends. MindDice is not a cure but is there to help people with dementia retain a sense of personhood.

MindDice by John Sprange

Check out the Mind Dice here.

Here’s what John said about the support he received as a Hidden Art Member:

“Hidden Art encouraged me to start and has been a source of opportunities providing contact with fellow designers from all disciplines. It would be difficult to get that experience another way. “The fact that you can pick and choose where to spend your time is priceless,” says John. “Evening sessions are useful, and Networking is very useful, as all designers are very isolated, and through networking you can share everyone’s success.”


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