Hidden Art Open Studios 1998




Weekends of 28/29 November, 5/6 December, 12/13 December and Friday 4 December 1998

Why stick to the predictable offerings of local High Streets and the West End, when you can consult a designer in person? Hidden Art’s treasures cost between 25p and £11,000 and include furniture, ceramics, glass, lighting, fashion, silverware, wallhangings and fountains.

Hidden Art Open Studios Map Cover 1998

Hidden Art Open Studios Map Cover 1998

Pioneering event Hidden Art put East London on the map in 1994 as the home of Europe’s largest community of designers, and last year attracted 22,000 visitors. Even more are expected this year as Hidden Art has expanded to include Clerkenwell and Tower Hamlets, as well as Hackney, its original base. Six hundred designers will be exhibiting in over 100 venues. 

This year’s Hidden Art includes Columbia Glassworks’ Millifiori lamp, Dimitra Grivellis’ bowls and Emma O’Dare’s glass vessels. Last year’s event featured Cressida Bell scarves and Rachael Howard ties for Paul Smith.

Hidden Art project co-ordinator Dieneke Ferguson is determined to make studios accessible to anyone. “Studios are not familiar like shops. We want visitors to feel welcome and find their way easily,” she says. For that purpose six designer teams have been commissioned to develop Arttrails to link the routes between open studios and direct the visitors. 

Hidden Art Open Studios 1998, rickshaws

Hidden Art Open Studios 1998, rickshaws

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