Hidden Art Open Studios 1994


Hackney’s Studios Open Up

Continuing the ancient craft traditions of East London, but also part of the influx of contemporary art and artists to the East End since the 1970s, Hackney Contemporaries are a group of talented and committed designer-makers who live or work in the borough. The group aims to draw attention to the high quality and originality of its work in the wider context of the varied and fascinating urban culture of Hackney itself.

Hidden Art Open Studios 19941994

Hidden Art Open Studios 1994

Eleven studios will be open to the public on the weekend of 10-11th December, allowing visitors a rare glimpse behind the scenes and an opportunity to buy unique gifts or commission work. The range includes ceramics (from large-scale sculpture to intimate domestic pieces), stained glass, hand-made wooden furniture, screen-printed textiles, hand-tufted rugs and decorative trimmings. Prices range from £15.00 to £2,000.00.

For those with a taste for London history and architecture as well, there will be free buses with wellinformed guides making scheduled runs along two routes connecting the studios and a selection of places of interest in Hackney and Stoke Newington. Walk through time in the Geffrye Museum’s collection of domestic interiors from the 17th century to the present day, and see 400 years of Christmas tradition come to life in the decorated period rooms. Visit Sutton House, built in 1535 for a courtier of Henry VIII. Stroll in one of London’s grandest Victorian cemeteries at Abney Park, laid out as an arboretum and now a nature reserve. Pick up a bargain at Burberry’s Factory Shop on Chatham Place, or stop to eat in Stoke Newington Church Street.

Hidden Art Open Studios 1994. Kate Malone in her studio

Hidden Art Open Studios 1994. Kate Malone in her studio

The hospitality bus starts from the Geffrye Museum in Kingsland Road E2, and will make regular hourly runs (between 12 and 4pm) along a route which includes the Open Studios, Burberry’s, Sutton House and Stoke Newington. The bus will run again in February to coincide with the Hackney Contemporaries exhibition at the Geffrye Museum from 14 February to 12 March 1995. Admission is free, opening times are Tuesday–Saturday 10–5, and Sunday 2–5pm. Maps of the routes, with bus timetables and further information, will be available from the Hackney Tourist Information Centre (opposite Hackney Town Hall, 081985 9055), or Mazorca (081-986 3649).

Hidden Art Open Studios 1994. Karen Bunting

Hidden Art Open Studios 1994. Karen Bunting

Hackney Contemporaries are pleased to acknowledge the support of Adrian Arbib, Dalston City Partnership, CILNTEC, East London Partnership, The Geffrye Museum, HACKNEY 2000, Hackney Council, Hackney Society, Leaside Bus Company Ltd, London Arts Board, Mazorca, MoMART, SG Warburg and Sue Wheat

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