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The East End of London is well-known for its long association with artisans from all over the world. One of the most familiar is the settlement of Huguenots in Spitalfields, who brought to this country the secrets of silkweaving in the 1680s. In the 1970s, artists began their colonisation of the area in their search for affordable housing and unwanted industrial spaces which could be converted cheaply into studios. As this and succeeding waves have settled, the East End has become home to the highest density of artists per square mile in Europe. It has begun to be associated in the public mind with avant-garde art, chic bohemianism and smart and expensive restaurants such as Le Pont de la Tour in Butler’s Wharf (itself once a defunct spice warehouse occupied by artists in the late 1970s). At the same time, not many people realise that a high proportion of Britain’s craftmakers live or work in Hackney alongside their fine-art colleagues, nor do they have much idea of exactly where Hackney is, or how close it is to central London.

In 1993, Hackney Contemporaries were formed with the express intention of promoting Hackney, and their own skills as a group of designer-makers living or working in the borough. The 14 members place the emphasis on producing one-off pieces and commissioned work, and look for originality and quality of craftmanship in their selection of new associates. At present the group shows ceramics, architectural glass, applied art, textiles and passementerie, and are recruiting new talent.

In 1993/94 Hackney Contemporaries exhibited at The Geffrye Museum in London, and at the LINEA trade fair in Ghent, Belgium. Future plans include an exhibition at the Geffrye Museum from February 14–March 12 1995, admission free, open Tuesday-Saturday 10–5, and Sunday 2–5pm (tel 07 739 9893), and an Autumn exhibition at The Economist building. An exhibition at the Orangery in Holland Park, with an illustrated catalogue, will be the main event in 1996.

Their recent constitution as a group and future projects have been made possible by a generous grant, for a second year running, from Dalston City Partnership.

Cressida Bell Textiles
Kate Malone Ceramics
Kate Baden Fuller Architectural Glass
Emily Myers Ceramics
Karen Bunting Ceramics
Susan Nemeth Ceramics
Debora Coombs Architectural Glass
Frances Soubeyran Passementerie
Dimitra Grivellis Ceramics
Andrea Stemmer & Fiona Sharp Furniture
Celia Harrington Textiles
sian Tucker Applied Arts,
Sophie MacCarthy Ceramics

For further information, please contact Mazorca, Studio 17, Hackney Business Centre 277 Mare Street, London E8 | EB. Tel/fax 08| 533 5432 & tel 08|-986 3649

Hackney Contemporaries are pleased to acknowledge the support of Dalston City Partnership, CILNTEC, East London Partnership, The Geffrye Museum, HACKNEY 2000, Hackney Council, Hackney Society, Leaside Bus Company Ltd. London Arts Board, Mazorca, MoMART, and SG Warburg

Launch of Hackney Contemporaries at the Geffrye Museum, 30 Sep - 3 Oct 1993

Launch of Hackney Contemporaries at the Geffrye Museum, 30 Sep – 3 Oct 1993


Launch of Hackney Contemporaries at the Geffrye Museum, 30 Sep - 3 Oct 1993

Launch of Hackney Contemporaries at the Geffrye Museum, 30 Sep – 3 Oct 1993

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