Hidden Art Select 2009

Select 2009


Hidden Art Select 2009 is the third range of products produced through the project.

The range features four designer-makers with new products aimed at being ‘collectables of the future’.

See Hidden Art Select kids for the 2009 Hidden Art Select kids product, the ‘Lucky Bag’.

Hidden Art Select 2009, follow links to purchase through the Hidden Art E-Shop:

  • London Landmark Bookends by Susan Bradley – Susan Bradley’s unique bookends celebrate London architecture. She pays tribute to well known and alternative London landmark buildings The Trellick Tower, Battersea Power Station and the Gherkin. These bookends are made in England to minimise ‘design miles’.
  • Every Drop Counts Soup Bowls by Ayda Anlagan – Every Drop Counts Soup Bowls are tilted bowls with stories and graphics that reveal themselves as you eat. Designed to help reduce food wastage in the domestic environment, these bowls encourage you to finish every last drop of soup in a fun and playful way.
  • Random World Lamp Shade by Aarevalo – Random World is an innovative lampshade that will add an atmosphere of creativity and originality to any interior. The unique form is composed of a series of looped strips, engineered to fit together to create startling random effect. The final product is in the hands of the individual.
  • Dot to Date Calendar by Dan Usiskin – The calendar is received blank except for the dated dots, some architectural detail and on the reverse side some interesting facts about each building. By dotting each day to the next each completed card will reveal a London landmark.

    select                                 select                              Select               Select

London Landmark Bookends         Dot to Date Calendar                       Every Drop Counts           Random World

Hidden Art Select 2009 was launched at the ‘Transforming Passion into Products’ exhibition at the gallery@oxo, from 16-20 September.

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